2022 LGBTI Inclusion Online Discourse Report

Where do online Filipinos stand on LGBTI issues? How can advocates make inclusive messages that resonate with a broad audience?

In this 65-page insight-rich report, Syn & Strat answers these questions and suggests ways forward for advocates, researchers, communicators, and policymakers. We share surprising data-driven findings like:

  • The LGBTI identities and issues that earn the attention and empathy of people outside the community
  • How media covers LGBTI issues and celebrities
  • The demographics of users who tend to leave negative comments about LGBTI people
  • How does publicity around SOGIE-friendly policies and legislation fare compared to other types of stories about LGBTI issues?

This research is independent and non-commissioned.

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Syn and Strat Consulting Inc. is a social media intelligence and strategy firm. We integrate data analytics and social science research methodologies to uncover and spread online messages that inform real-life attitudes and behaviors. We care about narratives, not just numbers.

Syn & Strat has worked extensively in studying human rights campaigns and political campaigns on social media. Our research has been presented at the Human Rights Summit 2020 and exhibited at the Human Rights Summit 2021. We have worked with Amnesty International Philippines, The Asia Foundation, BagoSphere, WiseOwl Management Consultancy, and YGOAL Inc.

We have also worked with partners from government, private sector, and development organizations, and executed social media strategy for national and regional election campaigns and political campaigns.

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