SYN & STRAT is a pioneering sociologically imaginative, tech-forward, chaotic good, end-to-end research and strategy firm that finds opportunities to challenge the dominant narrative through resonant and effective comms.

What we do

Research and Intelligence

Social Listening
Network Analysis
Faction and Cluster Mapping
Social Media Analytics
Crisis Monitoring
Digital Visual Ethnography
Audience, Market, Landscape Research
Customer Discovery
Comms Experiments and Research

Strategy and Implementation

Campaign Development Strategy Development
Social Media Management
Social Ads Management and Optimization
Social Media Performance Audit
Project Implementation

1. Online = offline

What we see online doesn’t just mirror what happens offline — what we see online can influence our offline lives. Our online and offline realities are dimensions of the real world. Our research and our strategies are founded on the principle that social media can influence and change society and behavior.

2. Emphasis on narrative

While numbers, graphs, and maps may look smart, context is the real intelligence. It’s important to us that online audiences aren’t reduced to their statistics or demographics. We put their motivations, apprehensions, attitudes, and behaviors front and center.

3. Intentional approach to data

We don’t try to simplify our work with shortcuts or blanket automation. We treat and analyze data with human care. We manually compute the metrics we think best answer our research questions. We make sure our data is clean and relevant, and we’ll only give you insights that are meaningful, nuanced, and immediately actionable — enabled by our innovative applications of tech.

4. Experimental design

Applying the principles of design thinking, we believe in endless iteration. For campaigns, we design processes that allow us to test variables so we can see what works and what doesn’t. What connects with the audience and what doesn’t. What brings you returns and what brings you success. This means: We get better with time, and the longer you work with us, so will you.

What sets us apart

The most important tool we have lies beyond our tech stack: Our philosophy.

Our team

Born and raised in the social media capital of the world, our team is led by partners who have worked on online campaigns since the onset of social media.

Mint Marquez

CEO & Co-Founder

CX Roque

COO & Co-Founder

Jude Gobenciong

Data Analyst

Marky Justin Torres


Maricar Ong

Marketing Associate

Syn & Strat highlights:

  • Presented at 2020 Human Rights Summit, The Asia Foundation
  • Exhibit at the 2021 Human Rights Summit, The Asia Foundation
  • Awarded a two-year grant by global grant facility Voice, funded by Oxfam Novib, Hivos, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands
  • Led webinars on social listening and hope-based communications
  • Featured on PumaPodcast’s Teka Teka Explains and Teka Teka News

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