Numbers alone
don’t tell the full story.
Narratives do.

Behind likes, engagements, and followers, there are people with beliefs, preferences, and motivations. We extract the human stories behind social media users' online activities to bring you to a comprehensive understanding of your audience, and later, to help you influence them.

Syn and Strat

Social media intelligence for
real-world impact

Syn & Strat is a social media intelligence firm.

We help brands and organizations use social media to inspire their target audiences to action. Using integrated data analytics and social science research methodologies, we uncover and disseminate online narratives that inform real-life attitudes and behavior.

We’ll help you stay relevant to your audience and resilient against current events, competing narratives, and ever-changing social media algorithms.

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How We Help


Find meaning from data, public sentiment, and online behavior surrounding the topics that matter to you.

  • Sentiment and discourse analysis
  • User behavior, content analysis, and integrated social media analytics
  • Consumer and audience research and profile development
  • Network analysis and faction mapping
  • Market and industry research
  • Competitor analysis

Strategy and Tactics

Cultivate strong, long-lasting relationships between customer and brand, and between advocate and organization.

  • Communications planning and narrative development
  • Social media page management
  • Social media ad campaign strategy and management
  • Social media strategy audit


Let our team of experienced data and comms experts help disseminate and amplify your story against competing narratives.

  • Online crisis intelligence
  • Online crisis management
  • Online reputation management


Invest in upskilling your team so you can develop effective, evidence-based strategies, fully in-house.

  • Capacity-building workshops
  • Integrated social media data analysis training
  • Social insights workshops

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