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Syn & Strat is a social media intelligence + strategy firm. We design how you influence your audience. We understand your audience deeply and identify opportunities to make your brand or cause important to them.

We do this through our unique approach to market research and through comms and marketing strategy development that is grounded on our insights and data. 

Part think tank.
Part comms consultancy.

We don’t have to pick one—and now you won’t either. Syn & Strat was built to represent multiple perspectives. Our team members specialize in research, data science, comms, and marketing. We pioneer the integration of social science approaches to corporate practice, and we are proud to have worked with, presented research to, and trained partners from government, development organizations, and businesses.

We study your audience and everything follows. From defining your audience and their attitudes to developing comms plans to reach and resonate with them, we work to deliver narratives, not just numbers. You’ll get data and insights from analysts that know how exactly you can apply it, and you’ll get recommendations from strategists who’ve been there, done that, and succeeded.

Research and intelligence

Finally, data that will make sense for comms and marketing. Social media analytics customized for your real-world objectives, effective crisis monitoring to anticipate threats to your brand, and in-depth learning about your audience, market, and industry.

Strategy and implementation

No template strategies. No arbitrary targets. Social media strategies based on evidence and benchmarks, calibrated for performance and real-world impact, resilient against current events, competing narratives, and ever-changing social media algorithms.

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